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Brake Pad Replacement Service in Johnson City, TN

Brake Pad Replacement Service in Johnson City, TN

No More Sluggish Brakes!

It’s fairly intuitive to say that your brake pads are one of the most important components in your vehicle. You obviously need your powertrain to send you roaring along the highway, but without properly working brakes, your drives would come to very unpleasant stops. It’s for this reason that we encourage you to join our Service Department at Bill Gatton Mazda for a brake pad replacement. We’ll be happy to help you.

Why Replace Brake Pads?

Obviously you need brake pads in the first place, but why do they need to be replaced? The answer lies in the way you actually come to a stop whenever you depress your brake pedal. Doing so clamps your calipers around the wheel, applying pressure to slow your momentum and bring you to a halt. You can imagine just how much friction is generated during this moment. If there wasn’t a barrier between these two metal components, both would quickly wear down and break. That’s why a pad is necessary to prevent damage and safely stop you. Over time, however, this will wear down until it’s no longer effective.

Signs of Worn Brake Pads

When your pads are no longer working as effectively as they used to, you’ll almost certainly recognize it. First and foremost, you’ll notice how much harder it feels to come to a complete stop. Your pedal might feel looser, and you might have to push it down lower, harder, and longer than it seemed like you used to. In addition to this, if your pad has worn out enough, you might hear a screeching or squealing noise while slowing. This could mean that metal is making contact with metal, and is a definite sign that it’s time to make an appointment with us.


When you join us at Bill Gatton Mazda, service will be friendly and quick! We’ll direct your vehicle to our service depot while you’ll be free to take a seat in our comfortable lounge area. While you’re relaxing, we’ll elevate your vehicle and get to work replacing your brake pads. Since we already have your model with us, we’ll inspect other important hotspots such as your tire wear, your oil, and your vehicle’s fluid levels. If all seems in order, it should be less than an hour before you’re back in your vehicle. Should we spot anything that looks like it could use work, we’ll let you know and see how you’d like to proceed.

Have we properly convinced you to join us at Bill Gatton Mazda for brake pad replacement service in Johnson City, TN? If so, our staff can’t wait to meet you.

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This service department is a 5 plus department in all respects. They provide outstanding service in an infectious, enthusiastic manner at a most reasonable cost.

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I contacted Worth, a dealer here, looking for a very specific vehicle...he was GREAT to work with! Very easy, relaxed, and concerned that I get exactly what I needed. I was treated with respect, and got a fair price for a perfect vehicle. This was a great car buying experience.

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I want to give a big thanks to David Difillippo who provided fantastic customer service, when I had an issue prior to purchasing my vehicle. David immediately took control of the situation and turned what could have been a bad experience, into a good one! He went above and beyond in making sure I had a good overall experience with the dealership. David even provided excellent customer service, after I had purchased a vehicle from the dealership. He is an excellent asset to Mazda/Acura dealership. THANKS AGAIN David for making our experience with the dealership a good one!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle! My daughter loves her vehicle!

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Excellent sales experience, no high pressure, friendly service. Easy to deal with on price. very impressed with quality of car and driving experience. Highly recommend.

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Mike Stout
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Most dealers are good when your purchasing but a great dealer continues after the sale. Took my new car to get Windows tinted and the Service team was as great as the sales team! Thanks to Jessie and Hilary. If your looking for a new car make sure to give them a try

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