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Oil Change Service near Kingsport, TN

Oil Change Service near Kingsport, TN

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At Bill Gatton Mazda, our team wants to remind you of one of the most classic maintenances in the book—the oil change! There’s a reason you hear about this service so often, it’s critical to keeping your vehicle healthy. This procedure alone could extend your ride’s lifespan and make sure it performs optimally whenever you’re out and about.

Do I Need to Change My Oil?

Even if you have no experience working with cars, checking if your oil needs replacing only takes a few minutes! With your vehicle turned off and on a level plane, pop your hood and take a look at what lies beneath. You should be able to quickly find your dipstick, a thin protruding piece that you’ll, as the name suggest, dip into its tube to check on your oil. After initially pulling it out, you’ll want to wipe it off with a clean cloth before dipping it in once again. This time, take a look at it when you remove it from the tube. Most have MIN/MAX markers on them that let you immediately see how your oil levels are doing. You’ll also want to pay attention for the color. New oil is almost always a golden color, but it’s okay if it reaches a darker shade during normal use. However, any particles could be signs of engine damage. If your oil is low or you notice an unusual shade, it’s time to come into Bill Gatton Mazda!

Benefits of Clean Oil

If gasoline can be thought of as your engine’s food, then oil is the water it needs to live. Oil cools down your engine and its individual parts and plays a major role in preventing overheating. It also acts as a lubricant. Engines aren’t just a single piece of metal, but have a large number of moving parts. If these didn’t have some kind of barrier between them, they’d grind against each other, quickly causing permanent damage. But with oil creating a smooth shield across them, they perform as they should. There’s a reason the saying “like a well-oiled machine” exists, after all!  


Coming in for service doesn’t have to be an ordeal when you choose our expert mechanics at Bill Gatton Mazda! First and foremost, we’d encourage you to schedule an appointment online to avoid any frustrating lines. When it’s time for your visit, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself in our lounge while we get to work replacing your grimy, old oil with fresh, amber-colored liquid. While we have your vehicle’s hood up, we’ll also do our best to quickly inspect other critical components, just in case there’s anything that needs some work. If we spot anything, we’ll let you know and wait to hear what you’d like to do. Whatever the case may be, you’ll soon be back on the road in a healthier automobile!

If you want to treat you vehicle right, come to Bill Gatton Mazda for an oil change service near Kingsport, TN. Schedule online or contact us at 423-427-2869.


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Love my Honda!
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This service department is a 5 plus department in all respects. They provide outstanding service in an infectious, enthusiastic manner at a most reasonable cost.

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I contacted Worth, a dealer here, looking for a very specific vehicle...he was GREAT to work with! Very easy, relaxed, and concerned that I get exactly what I needed. I was treated with respect, and got a fair price for a perfect vehicle. This was a great car buying experience.

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I want to give a big thanks to David Difillippo who provided fantastic customer service, when I had an issue prior to purchasing my vehicle. David immediately took control of the situation and turned what could have been a bad experience, into a good one! He went above and beyond in making sure I had a good overall experience with the dealership. David even provided excellent customer service, after I had purchased a vehicle from the dealership. He is an excellent asset to Mazda/Acura dealership. THANKS AGAIN David for making our experience with the dealership a good one!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle! My daughter loves her vehicle!

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Excellent sales experience, no high pressure, friendly service. Easy to deal with on price. very impressed with quality of car and driving experience. Highly recommend.

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Mike Stout
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Most dealers are good when your purchasing but a great dealer continues after the sale. Took my new car to get Windows tinted and the Service team was as great as the sales team! Thanks to Jessie and Hilary. If your looking for a new car make sure to give them a try

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